One of my theories of life and business has been that whenever the great pendulum in the sky moves to one direction or extreme, given time it will move back to the middle and then eventually move to the opposite direction or extreme. Here are some simple examples: Nation creation, growth, breakdown, rebirth – China,… Continue reading THE GREAT PENDULUM


I just finished reading about an individual who started a job at $100,000 and over a few years leveraged their compensation level to $500,000.  How was it done? What was the result? An interesting story that has some real-life learnings. Step one, Morgan (not his/her real name) had to have excellent high school grades to… Continue reading 500% PAY INCREASE?


Given the quirks of the marketplace, when it’s time to negotiate for a new position, what are the areas that are flexible, what isn’t reachable, and how can you optimize your results? First, let’s start out with the non-negotiable items:  Those areas that are constrained by statutory restrictions, third party contracts, or require board of… Continue reading JOB NEGOTIATIONS


It’s a new year and hopefully you’ll be getting a pay review.  How do you get the best pay raise possible?  Here are some things to think about, plan for, and implement successfully. TIMING – There are two critical times to influence your pay increase.  One is just before the annual budget is being prepared.… Continue reading WANT A PAY RAISE?


There’s been a great deal of movement within the workforce over the past 2 or 3 years.  Issues have been constant, like the pandemic, remote versus office schedules, school remote learning, a changing economy and updated work skills.  These have all added to questions of whether to accept a new job, stay with the current… Continue reading JOB REMORSE?