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Wouldn’t it be great if you got an offer for your dream job without lifting a finger? In today’s world you not only have to be highly active with your job search, but also on-target with your strategy along with being a compelling candidate.

There’s a big difference between casually trolling for a new job and actively presenting yourself as a top candidate. The casual approach tells the marketplace that you’re vaguely interested. The active and compelling approach demonstrates your commitment to change as an energized and skilled employee advancing a high performance career. Here are some thoughts to ponder:

PASSIVE APPROACHES (Trolling) – The least effective job search strategies are passive:

  • Sitting in front of the computer as your only approach, looking for the perfect job online
  • Sending out 100 resumes to people you don’t know
  • Responding to blind ads in the newspapers
  • Expecting your friends to “sell” you into their organizations

In this case, your not really engaged and managing your job searches. You’re expecting to be “discovered” with as little effort as possible. It’s also a good way to lose friends and supporters. It lacks initiative and interactive relationships that are the key to personalizing your search.

A BETTER APPROACH – Increase effectiveness with more interaction:

  • Research and contact target companies that are high potential to meet your criteria
  • Contact individuals on your high priority list who know you and the quality of your work
  • Write an engaging article about a new innovation in your field to a professional or trade association
  • Meet with targeted recruiters in your field of expertise so they get to know you personally

These activities increase your exposure to a larger field of contacts in a targeted way.

THE BEST JOB SEARCH – The highest level of success is with expanded personal interactions:

  • Set up a meeting for coffee with key individuals you know, to talk about their industries
  • Attend association, conference, convention and industry meetings to link with hiring managers
  • Give a presentation to area service clubs, associations or other interested organizations
  • Reconnect with classmates, alumni associations and alumni 10 years ahead of you. They are now the managers looking for talent.
  • Stay in touch with past workers and bosses who got promoted to a new organization

These are only some of the strategies I practice with those I work with to advance their careers.

The personal connection with those who know what’s going on in their industry and have the knowledge of who has a potential open position is the best strategy of all.

Once you know of a job opening, research the industry, company and business issues: Sales, financials, competitors, issues, and so on.

Passive job searches lead to passive results. Active job searches get you the results you want.

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