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Interviewing for a new job?  Find out if you’re getting into a good or bad situation or boss?  According to a survey done by SHRM (professional society of human resource managers), about 20% of workers cite that they work in a toxic environment.  And what’s worse, about 60% of those say they work for a bad manager!  Sounds a bit harsh to me, but let’s assume that’s correct.  That means two things:

  • A lot of people want to move to a better place with a better boss, and
  • They have to be careful not to move into a similarly bad situation somewhere else

When you interview for a new job, what should you be looking for?  What questions should you be asking?  What signs indicate a good potential situation and boss, or one you should avoid?  Here are some tips:

The best boss is one you can trust!  How do you find out during an interview?  These are the things to look for:

  • The position’s mission, goals and objectives are crystal clear
  • Performance expectations are defined and supported
  • Communications are open and interactive
  • Everyone is treated equally, even-handed and consistent
  • Teamwork is emphasized and positive feedback is the norm
  • The boss is available and gets actively involved when needed
  • Employees have a development plan and support to increase responsibilities
  • Questions to ask a potential new boss:
    • How many of your people have been promoted in the past 5 years?
    • Have any employees been let go based on performance? What was the reason?
    • Is high performance rewarded? How?
    • What results will you be looking for in the first 6 months?
    • Does the company develop their talent internally, or continually hire from the outside?
    • What experiences from my past can I put to use immediately?

The answers and the degree of openness will be an indicator of how the boss operates. What kind of boss do you need in order for you to be successful?  Here are a few:

  • l’ll leave you alone once objectives are defined
  • I’ll always be available to you, whenever you need my support
  • I’ll only review your work at critical points
  • I’ll supervise you very closely at each and every step
  • Contact me through my secretary only if you have a problem.
  • Successes are mine. Failures will be yours.

Which answer fits you best?


A good boss will train you to be successful in your current job. An effective boss will build a team, share success and develop expanding competencies in their people.  A bad boss is insecure in their job and constantly criticizes, micromanages, lacks support, doesn’t delegate, takes credit for your work, passes blame for shortfalls to others, or doesn’t listen to alternatives from others.


A boss’s history is prologue to the future.  Find answers before you move to a new job.


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