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My Greener Future is a Job Search Strategy and Career Coaching Company. At My Greener Future, you will be connected with industry coaches who care about you and your career as much as you do. They will work with you to create your very own custom career plan and support you in achieving your short term and long term career goals. Join My Greener Future TODAY and see how it will change the way you think about your career.


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Review your job description and list your major responsibilities.  Project out 5 years to assess the skills and experiences you’ll need to be at the top of your performance.  A revolution is occurring within technology and the transformational changes within industries.  A modest effort to keep your skills and experiences up to date may not [Read the full story …]


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Work as we knew it 2 years ago has drastically changed.  Is it good or bad?  Who knows?  But one thing is for sure.  Those that can understand the direction and changes that are happening will be in the best position to take advantage of the transformation   One way to get a handle on [Read the full story …]


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In days of old, when a new employee joined your company there was a get-together with the work group for introductions.  There were individual meetings and group  sit downs to figure out how best to bring the new employee up to date.  Schedules were developed so vendors and customers could meet their new contact.  Everything [Read the full story …]


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What a roller coaster!  Remote work has gone from a small group of workers (mostly sales work on commission from home), to a major training/retraining job for organizations.  Now we hear the “back to the office” chant is gaining momentum.  How do you plan which way to go, and what are the tell-tail signs?   [Read the full story …]


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More and more interviews are being conducted remotely rather than in person.  The dynamics of electronic interviewing is very different from face-to-face interviews.  Yet, many candidate fail to understand the dos and don’ts to advance their candidacy.   From a manager’s perspective, the following list reduces your chances to move into the top 10 candidates [Read the full story …]

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