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My Greener Future is a Job Search Strategy and Career Coaching Company. At My Greener Future, you will be connected with industry coaches who care about you and your career as much as you do. They will work with you to create your very own custom career plan and support you in achieving your short term and long term career goals. Join My Greener Future TODAY and see how it will change the way you think about your career.


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Some very interesting research has come out of  Take a look.   Jobs with high compensation and low unemployment rank the highest because the supply of candidates is low and the demand for talent is high. Naval/Marine Engineering median income is $90,000 1.6% unemployment rate Nuclear Engineers median income is $98,000 with a 1.8% [Read the full story …]


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There are many kinds of interviews.  Big differences exist between how you prepare, develop strategies and conduct telephone interviews, Skype interviews and person-to-person interviews.  If you don’t understand how to succeed in each one, you’ll fall short at the end. The success factors for a Skype interview are summed up below:   SET THE STAGE: Play [Read the full story …]


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Three dynamics are currently shaping the marketplace. Salary increases have been low over the past few years and have dampened merit increased to the 1-3% range. Outstanding performance may be in the 4-5% area The open job market has been brisk, but the skill sets, education or experiences come up short by those who have [Read the full story …]


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Not all interviews, questions or responses are alike, but most questions are predictable. The interviewer is most interested in what you have done, how you did it and what were the results.  The closer you come with your answers to fulfilling the needs of the hiring manager, the closer you are to becoming a finalist [Read the full story …]


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First off, how do you define “success” in your career?  Money? Title?  Fame?  Achievement? Power?  Satisfaction?  Or do you see a combination of factors?  Each one of these factors drive you in a different direction, so make sure you’re going after the right one.  If your career goal is money, your strategy is much different than if it’s [Read the full story …]