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My Greener Future is a Job Search Strategy and Career Coaching Company. At My Greener Future, you will be connected with industry coaches who care about you and your career as much as you do. They will work with you to create your very own custom career plan and support you in achieving your short term and long term career goals. Join My Greener Future TODAY and see how it will change the way you think about your career.


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If you think your boss is solely responsible for determining a pay raise for you, you’ll wind up being disappointed with the outcome.  Why?  Most bosses don’t focus on all of your measurable results.  Sitting back and waiting for your boss to list your achievements is like waiting for the lottery.  You have a significant [Read the full story …]


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Everyone communicates in some form or another.  But how we communicate becomes an issue when the alternatives are narrowed to an extent it affects our ability to communicate effectively.  These are my observations as I view what’s happening with the communications process.   Communications to me is an interpersonal one.  Sometimes it’s one-on-one, a group [Read the full story …]


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Your resume should provide a “word-picture” of your background, experiences and results.  The phrase “word-picture” is the key to differentiate you from everyone else when competing for the same job. Word-pictures need to project action and results, not activities. Here are some examples:   WEAK WORDS – Words you should avoid, as they don’t specify [Read the full story …]


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A shakeup can mean a number of different things:  Reorganization, demotion, termination, to name a few. The results of a shakeup are usually the same: Confusion, disappointment and deflation.  A shakeup can be very unsettling, but it’s not the end of your career.  In fact, your recovery can be the beginning of a new trajectory [Read the full story …]


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References are usually the last documentation before an offer.  Make sure your references communicate what the hiring organization is looking for in a candidate.   Personal references should only be used if you have no work-related experiences. References that are not work-related have little value to a potential employer. All a personal reference can say [Read the full story …]