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My Greener Future is a Job Search Strategy and Career Coaching Company. At My Greener Future, you will be connected with industry coaches who care about you and your career as much as you do. They will work with you to create your very own custom career plan and support you in achieving your short term and long term career goals. Join My Greener Future TODAY and see how it will change the way you think about your career.


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Many an interview and job opportunity is lost because: The candidate drifts off topic and doesn’t succinctly answer the question being asked The candidate mumbles, stumbles or presents their ideas in an incoherent way And the most egregious error, the candidate talks way too much about things the interviewer isn’t really interested in.They overkill the [Read the full story …]


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  The U.S. Labor Department has said that 6.3 million jobs are open and need to be filled by someone like you. That is, if you have the training and experience for which the marketplace is looking. What’s going on? What should you do? How do you explore your potential?   As you know, the [Read the full story …]


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There are key questions you need to find answers before accepting a new position. The risk is yours if you don’t. Research is available that shows why good employees quit. Employees usually don’t fire the companies they work for; they terminate the supervisor for not providing the support that is needed to do the job. [Read the full story …]


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How do you impress the hiring manager? What gets attention? What gets skipped? When a hiring manager screens a pile of resumes, certain things jump out, while others do not.   Understand that the hiring manager is looking for 10 or 15 people out of a 100 that he wants to telephone-screen. These are the [Read the full story …]


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When it’s time to provide references, match each reference to the specific job. Prepare “talking points” for each reference that matches your past experiences with what the hiring manager is looking for. In other words, tailor design a references response to the needs of the job to be filled. There are two kinds of references: [Read the full story …]