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My Greener Future is a Job Search Strategy and Career Coaching Company. At My Greener Future, you will be connected with industry coaches who care about you and your career as much as you do. They will work with you to create your very own custom career plan and support you in achieving your short term and long term career goals. Join My Greener Future TODAY and see how it will change the way you think about your career.


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I’ve been doing a lot of video watching and reading recently (“sheltering-in-place”).  One of the books I just completed is “Secret Service” by Tom Brady, published in 2019.  There was a passage that got me thinking that became the theme of this article: “You can pick a destination, but you can never predict the journey.” The [Read the full story …]


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Ever participate in an interview when you wish you were somewhere else?  Let me suggest four types of nightmare interviews and what to do about it.   The Sphinx Interviewer: This can be one of the most challenging interviews.  Sometimes the interviewer is creating a void for you to fill.  Be careful you don’t ramble [Read the full story …]


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According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring them.  There are good reasons why hiring managers decide NOT to hire a candidate based on their social media content.  There are also good reasons why hiring managers decide to HIRE candidates partly because of what’s on their social media’s profile.  [Read the full story …]


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In order to understand an effective career strategy, you first need to understand what’s going on in the marketplace, and also how you best present yourself within it.  Here are some informational pieces that begins to address your strategic and tactical issues.   At the macro level: One major trend is that companies are hiring [Read the full story …]


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Technology has made life so much easier and more difficult at the same time, over the past 10 years.  On the dark side, we are victims of scams, identity theft and hacking.  Now a new cause for concern (at least it’s new to me):  Fake jobs.   The way it works is a job opening [Read the full story …]