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Most interview questions revolve around your resume: What education and skills do you bring?  What have you accomplished?  How did you achieve results?  Those are questions you can easily prepare for because you can easily recall your past performance.   The most difficult questions are non-resume questions that force you to be more reflective and respond more thoughtfully with insight and substance.  Here are few of them:


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Are you considering working abroad remotely since you can theoretically work from anywhere in the world?  Some countries are openly inviting the remote worker from the United States because the local tourism dollars are down and they want to revive their economy.  So where should you consider, what should you be concerned about, and what are the hidden issues that can cause you difficulty later?  Continue reading the story "WFH ABROAD?"


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Assuming you have chosen a clear career goal and strategy, the next step is to answer key questions about your rationale, readiness, alternatives and decision points.  Each answer should clarify your actions and reinforce your decisions.  Here are a few of the key questions to consider:  


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The job market is erratic.  The economy is in fluctuation.  The question of office versus remote work is in debate.  Some functions are in decline.  Your current situation may be uncertain.  What do I do now?   This is the question that many professionals are asking. Here are some guidelines to consider to establish a solid foundation from which to move forward.  


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Who ever thought that a virus would determine your work and career?  Professionals are forced to work away from the office, cut off from their coworkers, customers and managers, and in some cases unemployed.  Some careers are postponed for a year or so, while other careers are changed forever. It’s time for some critical review and decision making.  Few of us like to critically assess our Continue reading the story "DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF!"