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Posted on: June 12th, 2018 by
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A famous line from a classic Clint Eastwood movie, “Ya gotta know your limitations”.  Over time we think we know what our limitations are, but that could be the problem.  Thinking you know your limitations could be the reason why you’re limited.  If you perceive you can’t reach a goal or achieve a result, the chances are you won’t.  It’s self-defeating.   As youngsters we mostly learn Continue reading the story "KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS?"


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Becoming one of the finalists while interviewing for a desired position is exhilarating. Falling short is disappointing. Continually being the runner-up is very discouraging.  So what can you do about it?   You’re the best – You may be one of the best candidates but not get the job because of internal politics, favoritism, a change of mind or a number of other factors you can’t control.  When it Continue reading the story "FALLING SHORT AS A FINALIST?"


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You can’t control everything in your career (or life).  But you can find those areas where you have a degree of influence over situations or people that you can manage.  Part of the answer is to subdivide those things you can influence and those you can’t.  Figure out which issues are worth worrying about, those that you can directly or indirectly influence and the important Continue reading the story "CONTROL VERSUS INFLUENCE?"


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What’s your definition of success?  How do you achieve it?  Your answer becomes the pathway to your future.  Random plans will get you somewhere, but not necessarily where you want to go.   Some may define success as holding on to their current job; many see success only with a promotion, a higher title and a 30% salary increase; others may define success as a continuum of Continue reading the story "HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS?"


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Everyone has a bad day once In a while, but a job or career that goes off the rails is a different problem.  No matter what the cause, a job or career mistake can usually be corrected with the right approach.  It takes some thought, determination and the right attitude to come out ahead.   My experience is that job derailments come from an expectation that you, Continue reading the story "HAVE YOU HIT THE (CAREER) WALL?"