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Posted on: July 7th, 2020 by
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There’s an interesting article of research from the Journal of Social Psychology, (Kowalski and McCord) May 2019 that you might find interesting. It’s an on-line survey of people over the age of 30 about what they regretted and what they might have done differently.  I’ve taken the core results and put it into positive actions you may want to consider.  Given the Covid-19 pandemic, I Continue reading the story "ACTIONS AND REGRETS"


Posted on: June 30th, 2020 by
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The job search process can be frustrating to those who come up short as a finalist candidate.  Here are some thoughts that might help you in the future.  
  • Review the position description before interviewing so you can do two things: First, identify the skills or experiences where you come up short and prepare to respond positively to the question you know will be asked.  Second, see Continue reading the story "COMING UP SHORT?"


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“How do I know what skills and experiences to emphasize on my resume?”  “How do I demonstrate my expertise better than others who are vying for the same job?”  Here are some answers for your questions, and some steps to take:  
  1. First, understand that a single resume going out to multiple organizations is like trying to play golf with just a putter. You resume can’t fit Continue reading the story "MATCHING SKILLS FOR A NEW JOB"


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Here are some random facts when thinking about changing your career.  It provides trends that give you the direction of jobs that are popular now, but will fade into oblivion within the next 2 to 10 years.  Alternatively, some jobs are accelerating faster than the supply of talent.  Still other jobs require skills and knowledge that we can only guess, and at present are not Continue reading the story "TOMORROW IS HERE NOW!"


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Fraudulent communication has become a way of life during the past few months, from which we must protect ourselves.   Words like phishing, hacking, phreaking or bluejacking all generally mean the same thing:  Someone is trying to get into your computer and access or manipulate your information.  Spoofing on the other hand, means someone is trying to trick you by deceiving your computer into thinking they Continue reading the story "PHISHING, SPOOFING, AND MORE"