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Posted on: September 22nd, 2020 by
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Covid-19 has really messed up the job market, career opportunities, decisions about your next move, and how work is done differently now.  How do you unscramble the issues in order to find the best strategy for you short and long term?  Here are some facts, alternatives and implications you might want to consider:   LOCATIONS: Big cities are out.  Suburban and rural are in.


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What part of that $758 million a day savings is yours?  This is what the Federal Highway Administration estimates have been saved by working from home rather than driving to the office.  The FHA also estimates that in June, which is the beginning of summer vacation travel, Americans trekked nearly 37 billion fewer miles than in the same month last year.  If you’re working remotely, Continue reading the story "SAVE $758 MILLION A DAY?"


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During Covid-19 is a great time to renew and expand your connections.  Between 10% and 50% of individuals looking to improve their careers find opportunities through networking.  These numbers will float up or down depending upon the range of your contacts, your relationships with them, and their willingness to actively support your efforts in the marketplace.  There are three levels of networking, like a series Continue reading the story "EXPAND YOUR “BUBBLE”"


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How do you make a lasting positive impression during an interview when you don’t get to interact in person with the hiring manager?  It seems it’s now all done remotely.  You have no sense of a special connection, a meaningful relationship nor get a sense of the work environment.  You could be leaving a good but unexciting job for a disaster.   Should you take the risk?  Continue reading the story "INTERVIEWING ON-LINE"


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Some people thoroughly enjoy working from home (WFH).  Others find it confining and can’t wait to get back to the office. There are positive attributes and hidden issues with each.  Decide what’s important or figure out a way to work around an issue.