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Posted on: December 29th, 2020 by
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COVID-19 has caused a major upheaval in both the economy and jobs.  Many jobs have been lost or modified in a way that new skills are needed. Jobs in the service sector are the most affected:  Hotels, restaurants, school staff, travel and entertainment workers, to name a few.  These are the people who should consider a change of industry and job. So, what should they Continue reading the story "WHERE ARE THE JOBS?"


Posted on: December 22nd, 2020 by
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Remember the game where you stood individual dominoes on their end next to each other so you could topple the first one, falling on the second one, and so on?  You could build a whole line of planned destruction of the formation you created.  Well, a similar pattern is emerging that has a similar result, only the dominoes are businesses that are in troubl, with Continue reading the story "JOB DOMINOES"


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There are three dynamics currently affecting the marketplace:
  • Retirements are up. The number of people leaving the marketplace is high due to Covid-19, the downsizing of companies and the shift of skills needed/not needed
  • Immigration is down. The movement of populations from one country to the next is constrained due to the pandemic and the securing of borders
  • The shift of jobs from an office Continue reading the story "WHY TEST THE MARKET NOW?"


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Sounds a bit counterintuitive to do a job search just before the holidays, but let me make some points.  Just before the new year there are at least 12 unusual circumstances that give you an edge in the job search market.  Your chances of finding the job you’re looking for are far greater because:  
  1. Some job openings must be filled before the year is up. Continue reading the story "A JOB SEARCH NOW?"


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Let’s say your interviewing for an open position, internally or extremally. You’re asked, “What questions do you have of us?”.  The questions and answers you get may be the most important part of the entire interview.  Why?  Because all other questions are for the hiring manager’s information.  Now it’s your turn to find out if the job is the right one for you.  Here are Continue reading the story "ANSWERS THAT YOU NEED!"