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Posted on: December 11th, 2018 by
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Do you find yourself sleepwalking through multiple meetings that you think are a waste of time?  And that time can be better used for more productive efforts? During a consulting assignment for a large healthcare insurance company, unproductive meetings came up by employees in asking their top 5 impediments to performance. The results caused management to look for a way to reduce meetings by 10%.  The Continue reading the story "STOP UNPRODUCTIVE MEETINGS"


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Are you being paid fairly?  When looking for a higher-level position, how should you answer the compensation question? Your market value has a number of different components to it:  Industry norms, supply/demand, past titles,experiences, geography, the company size and practices, and many more.  Some companies pay at the mid-point of industry averages while others target the 60thpercentile or above, and some are below the 40thpercentile.   So Continue reading the story "WHAT’S YOUR MARKET VALUE?"


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One of the greatest mistakes a candidate can make is to confuse their list of activities or responsibilities for a list of their measurable results. If they get the job based on their activities, they are at risk.  Some individuals don’t have the necessary achievements to sustain them in the new job, and then they fall short.  That means they have to go back into the Continue reading the story "CORRECT RESUME MISTAKES!"


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If you’re now scrambling to pull out a great performance review and merit increase for the year-end, you may be too late.  Develop and implement your strategy about a month or two before the review. Your preparation will determine the outcome.   Bosses tend to have short memories when it comes to performance reviews. “What have you done for me lately?” seems to be the narrative, rather than “What Continue reading the story "PAY, PERFORMANCE AND YOU!"


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Are you thinking about becoming a consultant?  First consider the questions as to why organizations hire a consultant?  I can quickly think of three reasons:  
  • The skills or knowledge that is needed does not exist in the organization
  • Management wants objective outside analysis or alternatives to a critical issue
  • Management wants to point the finger elsewhere else if the solution doesn’t work
  If you’re thinking about Continue reading the story "THINKING ABOUT CONSULTING?"