Four Ways For Your Resume To Shine!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2012 by
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We all have submitted a resume and never received an answer back.  Here are four ways to increase your probability of getting a positive response, not just a “thank you” note.

Think of the targeted job as a bulls-eye with a series of 3 concentric rings around it.  Your resume should land in the first or second ring when comparing the organization’s requirements to your experiences.  Anything outside of ring 3 and your chances are reduced to near zero.  Here are the 4 ways to get an employer’s attention: [Read the full story …]

A One-Two Punch For Your Job Search Strategy

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by
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A prior article discussed overarching strategies to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  This article will refine these points to a deeper level.  First, you’ll need to assess your attributes in an objective way, not only in today’s world, but 5 or more years out.  Why?  Because that’s what a hiring organization will do.  They want to make sure you’re up to the task now, but also into the future. [Read the full story …]

Want The Job? Ask The Right Questions!

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Most job applicants are concerned about intelligently answering questions asked during an interview.  The smart applicant will also think about questions they need to ask. Why?  Three reasons:


1- GET CRITICAL FACTS ABOUT WORK, BOSS AND ENVIRONMENT: These questions are important for you to understand the key elements of the job, working conditions, organizational issues, travel requirements, staff support, to whom you will report, and other organizational questions. [Read the full story …]

50+ And Need To Find Another Job?

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Some of the realities of the job market are:

  1. The higher your current job and pay, the longer the job search
  2. Jobs are not being filled quickly, but deferred for longer periods
  3. Age and experience are coupled and must drive your strategy
  4. Your next job may not be at the same level or pay
  5. Your planning should consider the next 10 or more years, not just the next job

So what can you do to improve your situation? Here are a few of steps to consider: [Read the full story …]

How Your Resume Can Hurt You

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Some resumes will move you to the top of the pile.  Other resumes will never see the light of day.  Which one is yours?  Over 25% of resumes are eliminated with a casual scan.  Here are the most obvious problems to avoid:


1. A 3 page resume of dense narrative: If the information doesn’t advance your candidacy, drop it.  Too much information diminishes the reading time to focus on the really important data: Your results.  Targeted results are better than endless stories about your life. [Read the full story …]