How To Recover From A Termination Of Employment

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by
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Whatever the cause for a job termination, you only have one of three responses:

Passive, Passive Aggressive or Positive Active.

Some people learn the wrong lessons from a termination and carry their anger with them into the marketplace.  This can be deadly.  [Read the full story …]

Set Career (Not Fantasy) Goals

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by
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What’s your ultimate career goal?  Where are you along the intermediary steps?  What’s your time frame for each step?

If you don’t have preliminary answers to these questions, you don’t have a career plan. All you have is a career fantasy! [Read the full story …]

Why Some Get Hired And Others Not?

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by
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Is it Karma?  Family connections?  Why do some people get hired while others don’t?  Check out some of the reasons:


1.  Your background, knowledge, skills, ability and experience – Companies are looking for the best match possible to what they need accomplished.  So tilt your resume to parallel as closely as possible the criteria the hiring organization has listed.  However, don’t lie. [Read the full story …]

The Dangers Of A Counter-Offer

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The question of a counter-offer comes up when you’re resigning from your current company and they offer you a better deal to stay. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Never, ever talk with your current boss too early about resigning. You may find yourself out the door without a job from either company.
  • Don’t resign until you have a written offer and you have accepted in writing. There are horror stories of people with no job, based on misinformation or faulty assumptions.
  • Do not use an offer as a negotiating ploy to get a raise or new responsibilities at your present employer. You’ll be sorry later, when the tables are turned. [Read the full story …]

Resign In A Positive Way, With A Smile…Then Quit The Job You Hate

Posted on: July 31st, 2012 by
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Once you have that new job, quitting your current job can have a lasting effect on your career.  Do it correctly and you leave a lasting positive legacy.  Do it incorrectly and you could leave a landmine behind.  Step over the impulse to lash out and you’ll thank yourself later.  Some thoughts: [Read the full story …]