My Greener Future helped me ace my job interview!

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Here is a story by one grateful Ohio customer who applied her learning from My Greener Future in her job interview and aced it!

Situation: I had just completed the My Greener Future sessions # 6 and 7 on interviewing, when I received a phone call requesting an interview with an executive at a high growth company I was very interested in. The changes we made to my resume were successful. I’m getting an interview!!!

What I did differently: Before My Greener Future, I would have interviewed in my normal way, being proactive in “selling” my abilities and competence. I now had a new set of skills I put to use. I assessed and “read” the style of the interviewer, and applied my interview approach to the “profile” of the executive. In a sense I became an extension of the executive’s style in order to increase his comfort zone, identify his issues, and apply my background to his business needs.

Results: Instead of a 15 minute cursory meeting, the interview became a 90 minute strategy session as to possible marketing approaches for new products. As I “bonded” with the executive, using the interview approach taught in the My Greener Future text, I became a valued collaborator who was able to add value to his organization. At the end of the interview he apologized for having to cut the meeting short, but wanted me to return to further discuss the job opening and continue our discussion.

A thankful Ohio customer….

(My Greener Future helped the customer understand the issue of “selling” versus “marketing” oneself during an interview)

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