This insight is called:  8 POWERFUL STEPS TO MANAGE YOUR CAREER,

Bill Kaufmann, President of My Greener Future

Finding another job may be the most difficult “work” you’ve done in a long time.  You have to design your overall strategy while focusing on tactical steps to make your job search successful.  Here are eight basic steps:

1. Understand what you want and why: Identify what you “Must have”, “Would like to have”, “Want to avoid”, and “What to consider” in your next job.  Develop a profile of your wants and needs.  You can then use this profile against the realities of the marketplace.

2. Develop a Career Map: Set targets within a Career Map to show the steps along the way with 3 month, 6 month, 1-yr, 5-yr and 10-year projections.  Define alternatives, detours and complementary activities to boost your visibility and credibility.

3. Research: Research industries of interest, by segments, then companies.  Identify at least 100 people you know, either directly or indirectly, in priority of their potential value to you in your search. Network, prioritize and connect industries to people. Start making contacts.

4. Tell a compelling story in two ways: Compile a list of all your major accomplishments.  Write a compelling resume focused on results. Develop 30 second “mini-pitches” for your interviews.  A mini-pitch describes the achievements that parallel the function for which you are interviewing.  Focus on results, not on activities.

5. Connect the dot’s: Contact, by priority the list of 100, and then their contacts.  It’s a numbers game. The more contacts, the more exposure, the greater the potential to be “discovered”. Your objective is to convert the power of your compelling resume to an interview.

6. Use a pro to give you the edge: A professional, like My Greener Future, is your personal mentor, dedicated to your results.  They lay out powerful alternatives to penetrate the marketplace.  Make sure the pro is full-service and not just a hobby for someone.

7. Be consistent, persistent and assertive: Hiring managers are looking for talented people who can fit in with the rest of the “team”.  Look for alternative opportunities for referrals through part-time jobs, business coaching or volunteering for non-profit organizations.  Always keep positive.

8. Close the deal: When you get an offer you’ll usually first get a phone call to make sure you are still interested and available.  Try to see how firm the offer is by asking clarifying questions. Always ask for the offer in writing and always respond to the offer in writing.

Lastly, design an entry strategy into the new organization to guarantee your job success over the first year.  A “coaching” organization can work with you on the best approaches.

Be a candidate rather an applicant.  Join us at My Greener Future.

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