By Bill Kaufmann, President, My Greener Future

A business owner or manager needs to understand the steps and implications when “Rightsizing”.  They’ll need to design and implement a smooth and successful transition not only for the business, but also for their employees.  Here are insights into the stages of transition for employee’s, both as a group and for each individual.


Employees as a group tend to respond to major change in somewhat predictable ways.  A great deal of their response is dependent upon how the change is managed. The following stages tend to be in sequence.  How management approaches the change will determine when employees move to the next stage.  Each business is unique and needs a tailor-designed strategy to best fit the situation.  However, if management doesn’t implement a well thought out strategy, STAGE I will remain for a very long time. 

STAGE I:  RESISTANCE TO CHANGE  (I’m against these new ideas. Why do it differently?)

STAGE II:  CONFUSION AS TO THE DIRECTION OR THE LEADERSHIP  (Where are we going?  I don’t know who is in charge or if they know what they’re doing.  I’m unsure of the future)

STAGE III:  PROGRESSIVE STEPS LEADING TO GREATER ACCEPTANCE  (I’m beginning to understand the necessity for the changes, but I need more information and training)

STAGE IV:  COMMITMENT AND LOYALTY  (I’m on-board and can see the value of the changes)


Individuals will behave in different ways depending upon factors such as their perceived vulnerability, personal survival, competence, marketability, and so on.  However, there are common stages that most all employees will move through.  If managers understand these stages, are flexible and have a good plan in place, they can effectively manage each key employee and move their performance and productivity to a higher level more rapidly.

Whether an employee stays in the business performing at a higher level or is being helped during outplacement, employees tend to move through these steps:

STAGE I:  SHOCK/DENIAL – (This can’t be happening to ME !!)

STAGE II:  ANGER – (Who do they think they are!!)

STAGE III: DEFENSIVENESS/ DEPRESSION – (I don’t know lf I can do this)

STAGE IV:  RATIONALIZATION – (Maybe it won’t be that bad if …)

STAGE V:  ACCEPTANCE – (This may turn out better than I originally thought) 

Management, with the help of professionals like My Greener Future-Business, can minimize disruptions and put in place an effective plan of action.

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