By Bill Kaufmann, President, My Greener Future

What does a bit of research and experience say about successful entrepreneurs?  They have many traits in common.  Most of these characteristics are apparent at an early age. They do not suddenly show up at age 30.

Early-age traits of independence and focus:

1. You are typically passionate about what you’re doing – You get involved, dig in, and do the best you can.  You are seldom tentative or lack enthusiasm, but are selective.

2You tend to be achievement & goal orientedYou continually set goals and work at it from an early age.  There is a vision for the future with revisions and setting of new goals.

3. You are usually a self-starter, persistent and accountableThis can show up in sports, baby-sitting, paper routes, summer jobs, and so on.  You don’t give up easily.

4. You are a quick learner, ambitious and drive for success – Usually in the things that are important to you and of interest.  Not so much in those things that are not.

Later, as one matures:

5. You continue to be confident, optimistic, absorb and learn from othersYou desire to optimize opportunities, willing to invest your time with those that work. You are usually open to new possibilities, if you can see the potential /end result.

6. You know what your strengths and weaknesses areYou learn new skills that will help you achieve success.  You want to keep up with changes, like technology. You tend to be adaptable, resilient and determined, but may shy away from other things.

7. You know your business better than anyone and a lot about your
You know your business inside-out and how your own business measures up against competitors and your financial goals

8. You can effectively manage your budgets and financesYou know all about your loans, interest, customers and costs.  You save for a rainy day, spend money to make money, and postpone personal expenditures sometimes at family expense.

9. You are a hard worker who seldom settles for second bestYou strive for excellence, set standards, and ensure the customer is primary. You work long hours to move the business forward in the first few years, while wearing many hats

10. You are multi-dimensional – You are knowledgeable and can do many thing well, rather than extremely strong in only one major area, like finance, but can’t sell/market

11. You enjoy your business but get help when necessaryYou have fun and enjoy what you do.  There is a sense of satisfaction in building a future.  You are not expert in everything.  You contact others when warranted, delegate to staff reluctantly, although it’s hard for you to do and sometimes a bit late. Moving from “doer” to manager is not easy for you.

If all of this sounds familiar, you fit the profile of a successful small business owner.
If you want to grow to a mid-sized business you may need outside help.

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