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By Bill Kaufmann, President of My Greener Future


  • 58% of hiring companies check social networking sites to research job candidates.  Of those candidates researched, 33% were not hired based on the information found!  Reformat your social networking information so your not eliminated before you begin.
  • Over 50% of communications is non-verbal experts say.  But over 80% of screening interviews are over the telephone! How do you make a positive impact when you can’t “read” the interviewer.  Your goal is to get a person-to-person interview?
  • Finding jobs… LinkedIn 10 million. Facebook, 18.4 million but the latter site helped almost twice as many people find jobs than the former, through networking
  • 71% of candidates fail the question “Why do you want to work here?” (see Tricky Questions in a prior article)
  • Only 5 out of 1000 online job applications ever make it to the hiring manager’s desk
  • Spending time online is one portion of your search effort, but only a part.   Talking to people over coffee about their industry or company makes a greater impression.
  • Sometimes a lateral move is the key to your career success.  It should fit into your Career Map strategy.
  • 80% of top managers ** say that communications is one of the top skills for advancement.  But only 38% of those same executives see communications as better than average in their own organization.  Learn the “soft skills”.
  • You need to find out what the hiring manager’s biggest problem is, and how to capitalize on it with potential solutions during an interview.  How do you do that?
  • The higher you move up in an organization the more important the soft skills become.
  • Critical thinking (73%), collaboration (72%) and innovation (66%) were all rated as skills that top managers are looking for in a new hire.  But they rate their own employees at 52%, 47% and 37%.
  • Do you become invisible when your organization is moving through a major transition, like a merger or reorganization?  Bad move.  Decision-makers may see you as irrelevant.

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