By Bill Kaufmann, President of My Greener Future

Are you unhappy with your career?  If yes, is it the job itself or something else? No one can answer that question for you, however these insights may be helpful:

  • If you had a more effective boss, with you doing similar work, would that help?
  • If you were with a new company, doing similar work, would your satisfaction be greater?
  • If you had a new location and co-workers, doing similar work, would that solve the issue?
  • If you were promoted to supervisor over your current position, would that be better?

The problem could be the work itself, your career direction or the company or industry.  Here are some real examples of people in the wrong position, level, company or industry.

  • 50% of the MBA’s I mentor have worked in their undergraduate majors and are unhappy.  Most said what they studied was totally different from what they actually did.
  • A technology whiz-kid is gifted in designing new applications and systems but is in a job that only maintains current programs. He needs a new function and/or company.
  • Sally loves to work with numbers and would be perfect in the accounting or tax world.  However, she’s a Supervisor of Customer Service in retail where everyone with a problem goes to her. This is both a career and job problem.

It seems so easy to see other people’s issues. Not so easy when looking in the mirror:

  • Do an honest assessment of your strength and weaknesses. Describe the things that give you joy.  Are you a people person or not?  What areas of work do you excel?
  • Ask yourself what should you really be doing in a career?  Be honest but realistic.
  • Talk to people who are already doing what you think you’d like to do.  Find the good, bad and ugly parts. Identify the industry where you would be the most productive and passionate.
  • Find out how to qualify for your new direction.  A 50 year old in sales, becoming a CPA is not in the cards. Test out your ideas to see if your goal is possible.
  • Put a workable plan together. Test out that plan with the people who are already doing it.  They can tell you whether it’s a fit or not for you.
  • Find a way to experience the function where you can thrive.  Do small consulting jobs, part-time work, or even volunteer at a non-profit organization where you can “test” your skills.  Usually a non-profit organization can find a place for a volunteer to show their stuff.

No single answer can solve all of your problems, but a good strategy will help.  Leaving a career is like a divorce.  It may be painful. However, there may be a rationale not to change:  You may be too young or too old, too many personal impediments, too much to lose financially, lack of abilities or skills for any other type work.  You need to sort that out.

On the other hand, you should talk with someone.  You need a person who is objective and experienced in these matters.

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