By Bill Kaufmann, President of My Greener Future

There are 3 primary signs that tell you when to start looking for another job:

  • Your job results seem good but for some reason your appraisals and pay aren’t
  • You are subtly excluded from meetings, emails, or planning sessions
  • You find it difficult to go to work in the morning.  You sense something isn’t right.

Here are some telltale signs to look for:

Values are mismatched –  Values are usually hidden when interviewing for a job.  You only experience the organization’s operating values when you’re inside:

  • Your values of right or wrong are different from management, in policy or practice.  You find yourself at odds with decisions that you see as questionable.
  • The management style is inconsistent:  Bureaucracy versus engaging.  You are more participative and feel constrained by dictates or autocratic decisions.
  • Your decisions or methods are questioned without information or alternatives.  The plans or decisions you make are reversed without a chance to review your rationale.

Assignments are diminished The difference between what is written in your position description and what you’re actually asked to do may be vastly different:

  • You’re given tasks that are well below your abilities or rank.  Whenever assignments are handed out, you seem to get the less meaningful ones.
  • You are not invited to the strategy phase of a project, but are an afterthought.  Management will always go to the people they see as up to the task.  Is that you?
  • You always seem to get the “clean up” tasks where you can’t show competence.  You are never chosen to lead a project.

A sense of “doom” Many times you can’t put your finger on the issue causing you to question your “fit” in the organization:

  • Sometimes you don’t agree with decisions or methods of the boss.  Your performance appraisals are non-existent.  You never have meaningful discussions with your boss.
  • Your peers don’t see you as part of the inner circle.  There is a small group of people the boss always goes to, at the exclusion of others.  Which group are you?
  • Your projects are geared to your weaknesses, not your strengths.  You’re not given the opportunity to demonstrate your qualities in a favorable light.

So, what do you do about it?  There are basically three alternatives:

  • Have a discussion with your boss about your concerns and desire to perform
  • Stay the course and hopefully work your way through it over time
  • Quietly begin to put your job search strategy together

Contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk about your issues, at no cost.

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