You Have About 25,000 Days To Make A Difference!

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From birth to age 70, you have about 25,000+ days to do whatever you plan to do.

If you’re age 18 and graduating from high school, you have 17,000 days until age 65.

If you’re a college graduate and 44 years old, you are mid-way through your career and have about 8,000 days left to make your mark.  What are you planning to do about it over the 8,000+ mornings you have left to start a new day?

Do these sound like strange numbers and questions?  Not if you want to make a difference!


When you think about it, being halfway through your career is a real milestone.  You’ve spent time going to school, achieved diplomas or degrees, started a career, and moved through initial jobs into some kind of mid-way point.  The next few decisions will be critical to where you go from there.  They will determine whether you achieve your goals or not.

If you’re older than age 21 but not yet to 44, you have time to reconsider where you are versus where you want to be.  The next step needs to be validated and designed carefully.

If you’re between 44 but not yet 55, you still have time to accelerate your career to the highest level attainable.  You should be near your ultimate career goal by the time you’re in your early 50’s.  You’re at your peak performance and near the top of your game.

If you’re over 55, you’re on cruise control as you help those under you gain the experiences they will need.  That is, unless fate has intervened and stops your progress.

No matter where you are, you’ll need a plan to determine where you want to be, and by when.  Assess what you need to do to arrive at your destination at the time you desire.  Put together the strategies to accomplish your goals.  Build a Career Map.

Most times, plans and strategies work out differently in reality than they look on paper.  So you need contingency plans or alternatives that will get you back on track or come closer to your goal.

Whatever your situation, consider talking with a professional coach.  They can help you plan your strategies at the beginning of your career, modify your strategies toward the middle, or help you optimize what you want to achieve toward the end of your career.

The future has always been in your hands.  Make each day count


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