Why Some Get Hired And Others Not?

Is it Karma?  Family connections?  Why do some people get hired while others don’t?  Check out some of the reasons:


1.  Your background, knowledge, skills, ability and experience – Companies are looking for the best match possible to what they need accomplished.  So tilt your resume to parallel as closely as possible the criteria the hiring organization has listed.  However, don’t lie.

2. You have demonstrable results – Listing your responsibilities won’t cut it.  Unless you can quantify the results you’ve achieved, you can’t document your success.  Numbers work best but projected targets or objectives can work if they have a convincing story.
3. A compelling cover letter and resume – A cover letter should be strong enough so the reader is motivated to read your resume. The resume must be powerful enough for the hiring manager to want an interview. You want the hiring manager to reach for the telephone.
4. Continuity, progression and flexibility – Employers always look for candidates that don’t jump to new companies each year.  They want positive movement up the responsibility ladder.  Lastly, companies want to see projects, special assignments or promotions to different departments that show your versatility.

5. Your projected persona – How do you describe yourself?  What does the “social media” say?  Over 50% of companies check you out on social media and 30% knock out a candidate based on what they see.  Be careful about what you do and say on-line.

6. You’re able to relate to almost anyone – How you work with others is critical.  Employers are looking for “team” members who can play well with others. Are you interpersonally swift to make an impression during the interview session?
7. Your attitude, passion and energy– Do you affect people in a positive or negative way?  Some people are uplifting, while some drag others down.  Do you show your energy for the work to be done and passionate about your past achievements?  Complainers are usually avoided.

8.  Your ability to put it all together – Putting a full, integrated, compelling package together for a job search strategy is critical to achieving success.  Learning how to progress through each step of the job search strategy is a learned skill.  Reading the tea leaves during the process is as important as having the skills necessary.


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