The Word Picture Of A Weak Candidate

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Every resume is a word-picture of who you are and what you’ve achieved.  There are some words on a resume to stay away from and others to embrace.  Most all words that define actions you have taken leading to measureable results are preferable.  Words that describe activities that most everyone else can claim are to be avoided.

A resume is a word-picture that differentiates your uniqueness from all others.  Here are examples of a weak word-picture (A) and one that describes a top candidate with a strong word-picture (B).  Always create a word-picture that will resonate most with a hiring manager:

A – An accomplished, results-driven manager dedicated to a successful operations project

B – Achieved a 14% return-on-investment through a creative operations strategy

A –  A successful marketing problem-solver with a history of achievements

B – A 15% revenue increase by installing applied market research to an old product line

A – A skilled, dependable and dedicated HR professional managing a staff of 4

B – Reduced turnover 8% while increasing performance by 12% through team training

A – A successful General Manager who has a track record of results and accomplishments

B – Converted a revenue decline of 8% to a 12% increase through product/staff realignment

On a resume, the word-picture defines who you are, what you have done and what you can do for the hiring organization.  Don’t diminish yourself with a wrong choice of words.

Avoid these word combinations unless you can show measurable results:

Thought Leader…..  Seasoned…..  Good with Details…..  Experienced in…..  History of…..
Dependable…..  Accomplished…..  Track Record of…..  Results driven…..  Resourceful…..
References Available…..  Team oriented…..  Self directed…..  Liaison with… Successful….. Collaborated with…..  Championed…..  Skilled in…..  Participated in…..  Problem Solver….. Masterminded…..  Dedicated…..  Motivated…..  Helped…..  Partnered with…..

Your word-picture needs to be action oriented, with measureable outcomes, paralleling the requirements of the hiring organization, showing transferable skills and the ability to work effectively as a team member, rather than a problem child.  You then become a strong candidate.


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