Answering YOUR Questions or Comments!

In December, 2012, I asked if anyone had questions or comments that would make for interesting reading for others.  Here are some comments with my responses:


  • “You can never be guilty of saying too much about resume preparation or interview techniques. Also, we must constantly remind of the dangers of what one might put on FaceBook or other social media. Many still don’t get it. Thanks.” (J.W.)
    • Two excellent comments.  The ability to stand out from your peers is directly related to your degree of preparation.  The more you know, the better you interview.  Targeting jobs and industries through preparation is the key.
    • Social media has caused many a candidate to be knocked out of contention without knowing why.  Comments you or your friends make are not private.  Assume all social media information will make headlines across the planet.
  • “As an international student, how do I leverage my international experience in order to be hired?  Nowadays it is very difficult to get sponsorship from a company.”  (P.S.)
    • Beyond normal methods there are two approaches to increase your chances:
    • Contact companies from your home country who want to do business, or increase their business, in the U.S.  You’re already here, speak English and better understand American business.
    • Contact companies in the U.S. that want to expand or start business in your home country.  You have a tremendous edge over all others.

  • “How to look for another job as quietly as possible without causing any problems at your present job?”  (Maria)
    • You can’t.  Sooner or later the word will spread.  Some alternatives:
    • Speak with your supervisor about ways to improve the relationship:  Training, discussions, or transfer, without suggesting there is an insurmountable problem.
    • Keep and expand the contacts with people you know and trust, asking them to keep it confidential.  Once you go public, confidentiality is gone.
    • Be prepared for the question, “I understand your looking for another job”.  Potential answers:  “I’m just testing the marketplace to find out what comparable jobs are paying, in preparation for our performance review”, or “I’m always interested in what opportunities might be available”, or “Like most people, I hope to advance my career.  I’d like it to be here.”
    • Is there a perfect answer?  No.  There are only degrees of openness.

  • “Interview preparation cannot be stressed enough.”  (James)
    • One of the best ways to prepare is to do a series of mock interviews with a knowledgeable person or mentor who is at the same or higher level  you will be interviewing.
    • Practice with someone who can help you fine-tune your responses to the most asked questions.

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