What’s Wrong?! I Always Come In Second Place!!

There can be several reasons why you’re not a finalist candidate.  Some reasons can be out of your control:  A strong internal candidate; the daughter of a top executive; or graduates from a certain school. Since you can’t influence those decisions, forget about them.  Assume some applications are going to be a waste of time.

So let’s concentrate on the factors that you can control:

  1. You may be lacking a dynamic job search strategy. To be a finalist candidate you need to be compelling in three areas:  A compelling resume, a compelling telephone screening interview, and compelling face-to-face interviews.  A finalist candidate must provide significant results in the areas of need.
  2. You can’t differentiate yourself from other candidates.  If you don’t understand your uniqueness, hiring organizations won’t either.  What is it that you can do that others can’t?  What have you accomplished that others haven’t?  You want to demonstrate that you are heads and shoulders above your peers.  What is it and how do you articulate it?
  3. You may be missing key components of the job opening. There are usually 2 or 3 key components that the hiring manager is primarily interested.  If you’re missing that component you’ll seldom make it through an interview.  Ask the question, “What part of my resume did you find of special interest to you?”. That response will give you invaluable insight.
  4. Your results are not aligned with the needs of the hiring organization. The greater the disparity between what an organization needs and your experiences, the less likely you’ll become a candidate.  Your goal is to reduce the holes in your background to make them less visible.  Never lie, but manage your information to gloss over major weaknesses.  Always emphasis your strengths in line with the open position.
  5. The results you’ve achieved in the past don’t solve today’s issues or tomorrow’s needs. Hiring managers are looking for short-term solutions to their issues and longer-term strategies to enhance their organizations.  You need to think in those two dimensions.  When responding to questions, answer the tactical then the strategic solutions.

Lastly, even though you meet all of the above criteria, you still need to be a good fit within the organization.  If you aren’t, all of your preparation and hard work is only good for the practice.


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