Answer These 5 Questions!

You think your prepared for the interview with the hiring manager?  You’ve been researching, practicing, going over your resume, alternative strategies, and so on.

But what if the questions are not what you’re prepared for and practiced?  Here are some questions you might want to consider so you have thoughtful responses.  Since there are no right or wrong answers, your best bet is to angle your answers to your strengths while marketing to the hiring organization’s needs, as you know them. 

1.  Give me examples how you achieved high performance results in your last job? All employers want to know what you have achieved and how you will work as part of a team. Describe the results and how your skills and abilities contributed to its success. Organizations need both and honesty will bring you credibility.

2.  Why should we hire you above all others?   What do you have to offer that others don’t? This question requires some preparation. What are the goals, direction and mission of the company?  Research the company and craft a response that is compatible and in alignment with the corporate direction and values.

3.  How would others’ describe you as a team member? Through the eyes of others, demonstrate your strength and abilities. Senior leadership want people who are self-starters, who look for results, are capable and responsible. While a human resources manager will focus more on your personal characteristics and ability to work with others.

4.  If you were hired, what strategy would you use to identify the issues and potential solutions? The interviewer wants to know your potential contributions. You want the employer to know that by hiring you, productivity will improve, problems will be solved and you can create value. Identify the approach and how to provide a strategy for solutions.

5.  What is your ultimate dream job?  How will you get there? State that you want to be a high contributor, but also want to learn and expand in this position in order to increase responsibilities and grow with the company.  You want a positive approach.  The question is to get a gauge on your ambition and your ability to grow as the company grows.

No matter what the tough questions, you need to research the industry, business and function to understand the reasons they are asking the question.  It may give you some insights into their issues needing solutions.  Practice responding to these and other tough questions.  Your responses should position you to advance your candidacy over others, who are less prepared for these kinds of questions.


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By My Greener Future

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