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When you’re asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” now is the time to impress and influence the hiring manager.  You can become a top candidate by asking the right questions.  Your objective is to demonstrate industry knowledge, astute business insights and an orientation for results.

Here are 7 excellent questions that will move you up the ranking list.


  1. “What part of my resume was of special interest to you?” This question focuses on why the hiring manager wanted to talk to you. Your resume shows the results the hiring manager wants, but which one?  Once answered, you can tilt your future discussions.
  2. “If I’m hired, how can I add value to your results in the first 120 days?” This question shows a “can-do” attitude, to make a difference sooner versus later, and a desire to perform in line with the manager’s objectives.  An excellent positive impression.
  3. “What are your expectations for top performers?” Shows that you want to be a top performer and understand the expectations.  It will be different for each organization and specific to the job to be filled.  Great candidates want to be a top performer.
  4. “How can results within your department be driven to a higher level?” The answer will give you insights few others know. Translate your potential contribution to the issue of the hiring manager. Great candidates want to know how to make a difference.
  5. “Your industry seems to be (Accelerating?  Competitive?  Price sensitive? Moving globally?  Other?).  What are the strategies to continue industry leadership?” You’re showing your broader business acumen.  Maybe your skills sets can help.  Show some knowledge about what’s going on in the industry to impress the interviewer.
  6. “How can this open position contribute to improved performance?” Every job is important and expected to add-value.  How key is this function?  Can you add more than others?  The answer to this question can open up a discussion about your contributions.
  7. “My process improvement skills (or another asset) have helped to enhance performance in my current job.  Are you open to new approaches?” The hiring manager can’t say “no” to this question.  The answer, however, may be in the form of a question to you, like, “What do you have in mind?” or “What have you done in your current job that can be applied here?”  This is an opening for you to really impress the manager, if you’re ready!

However, when responding to a “how” question give alternatives only.  The hiring manager is always looking for potential solutions, but don’t be presumptuous to think you have the only answer.

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