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Very successful people tend to give similar advice:  “Find your passion, then follow your destiny”.  I hear this refrain over and over again.  It’s even the theme of many college commencement speakers:  Find your passion and the rest is easy.

But finding your passion isn’t easy for some.  Where do you look?  Is there a book or blog?  Sometimes it takes awhile.  What are the signs when you haven’t found your passion?

  • You can’t visualize your ultimate goal or the strategies to get there
  • You can’t get excited about what you’re currently doing and your performance lags

Conversely, when you find your passion you can:

  • Clearly see your ultimate goal and visualize the steps, strategies and time-line needed
  • Your excited about moving forward at each stage of the journey
  • Performance excels with each new activity and you can’t wait for the next stage

How do you find your passion?  There is no sure answer, but here are some ideas:

  • Look back over your life and career.  What events or activities gave you great deal of satisfaction, pride, accolades, achievement or self-confidence?  That’s usually a clue.
  • What do they all have in common?  Skills?  Experiences?  Relationships?  Knowledge?
  • How can these translate and apply into the work world?  Can it be a passion?
  • Meet with people connected to this work to find out what the possibilities are for you.

Passion can also show up when talking about your goals, during presentation or when you’re interviewing.  Show your passion through your words and action.  The excitement you demonstrate can be catching with your audience. These skills can be learned and will captivate your audience.  Your excitement is contagious to others, without being overdone.  When you care about a subject with passion, others are likely to care also.

How do you show passion that influences others?

  1. Become animated in both voice and movement.
  2. Make sure your key points are made with conviction and at times with humor
  3. Show confidence and determination.  A timid and unsure individual is not convincing.

Find your passion and success will follow.  You can’t be successful if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and can’t do it well.

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