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There are strong words and weak words.  Strong words, when used properly, equal a strong resume or interview.  Certain words can make the difference as to how your resume and interview impacts the hiring decision makers.  If you can master the art of communicating your value to an organization through your written and spoken word, you will become the candidate of choice.

The right words increase your competitive position when applying for a job.  Companies spend a great deal of money on marketing as they understand the power of words.  The three words, “Just Do It!”, for Nike became a global marketing phenomenon.  In a sense, you’re a product that needs to be marketed to a hiring company.  Words have power.  Those who know how to use the right words in a resume and interview will be seen as a better candidate than those who don’t.

Words also increase your ability to influence.  If you can articulate solutions to problems, a hiring manager will be more likely to see you as a contributor to their success.  Influencing a hiring manager as to your value is the key to the job search strategy.  Your objective is to find out what the organization needs and what you can do to fix it.

What are the words that make a difference?  The answer:  Words that create your value to a position for which you are applying.  Choose the best option in these three examples:

OBJECTIVE:  To contribute profit and cost reduction through Process Improvement, Logistics, Supply Chain and financial management for a growth business


2- Obtain a business management position in which I can apply my experience in plant operations leadership and my recent college degree.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES:  $1.1 million revenue expansion by launching Yahoo banner advertising in 4 new TV markets for a major communications corporation


2- Supervise a team of 4 people responsible for generating local online and mobile display and SMS revenue for television and newspaper properties

PERFORMANCE RESULTS:  18.1% increase of the top 20 customer orders by designing tailored products for each individual market and customer to fit their specific client needs


2- Provide direction to inside sales and customer service group for program implementation, sales incentives, marketing promotions and contact with key customers.

Words are power:  Tailored words to fit the needs of an open position lead to a job.

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