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SITUATION:  Chris graduated from college and went directly into an MBA program with a top ranked university.  Chris was very bright yet inexperienced in business.  Chris was also very reserved in his demeanor.  When he graduated as an MBA, the marketplace was on hold with only positions available for experienced and highly qualified candidates.  Chris spent the next 11 months applying for open jobs for which he was over-educated and under qualified, working part-time jobs to keep his financial head above water.  Chris sought out Bill Kaufmann as a career coach to help position himself in a more advantageous way, while learning the skills of interviewing to become a more confident candidate.

STRATEGY:  Bill saw three changes that Chris had to embrace in order to become employable:  First, his resume had to be modified so that his experiences could be translatable to a business result.  The resume had to change from a weak document to a compelling one.  Second, Chris would need to learn how to present himself as a confident and competent candidate who could interview on the telephone and in person in a way to convince the hiring organization that Chris was a winner.  Third, the organizations we targeted needed to fit Chris’ demeanor.  Chris would not be a hard charging aggressive salesman:  Just not his style.  But rather, he could be successful with a compatible organization on the more analytical side.  We chose logistics as the function to pursue and the transportation industry as the target sector.

RESULT:  Chris’ resume was converted into a results-oriented document.  It revolved around all the elements that paralleled projects and experiences supporting supply chain strategies.  Hands-on projects within companies imbedded in the MBA curriculum served as an excellent base of experiences to leverage Chris’ resume.

Intensive focus centered on practicing interactive interviewing techniques for Chris to become comfortable and competent in the interview process.  The objective was to showcase Chris’ potential for the future rather than only his past experiences.  Targeted companies revolved around the transportation industry where logistics is the key to success:  Trucking, rail, shipping, distribution, warehousing and the tracking of merchandise in the commercial sector.

Chris began receiving responses to his job search campaign.  Four companies requested interviews, with an offer coming from a national railroad company for a management-training program leading to a management position.  Chris is now a first-step manager in a large metropolitan area, responsible for logistics and management of intermodal transportation.

Chris emerged from an unproductive, random job search to a targeted and tailor-designed strategy.  It positioned him in the best function and industry for his background, while providing the skill sets to succeed.  Chris is clearly a success story.

Prepare NOW for the surge of jobs in the Fall of 2013. Your success story is yet to be told.

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