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SITUATION:  Sara graduated from college with a major in communications, got married, and became a “trailing-spouse” when her husband moved from job to job.  She was able to gain employment at each new location, but the positions were non-exempt administrative jobs.  With no children at home and after a divorce, Sara moved from the East Coast to Utah and a new beginning.  Her problem was the number of short-term, low paying jobs she had, even though her skills and experiences were broad and deep.

STRATEGY:  Most job changes leverage to higher positions with more responsibilities.  In Sara’s case, she had no leverage.  We had to combine the cumulative experiences of multiple shot-term jobs into a coherent whole, meeting or exceeding the requirements of the hiring organization.  Fortunately Sara’s expertise paralleled her college major.  We put a resume together that emphasized the “hot” functions that organizations are seeking:  Digital marketing, e-business publishing, customer service, media, government relations, and social networking.  These functions, from different locations and employers formed a highly experienced professional.  Another compelling factor:  We were able to document the actual results of her performance at each location in dollar value, percent of improvement or percent of cost reduction, which were impressive. 

RESULT:  The strategy included getting Sara settled into the new community, joining support groups to assist her efforts, and locating key businesses that are growing and in need of the competencies that Sara had accumulated.  Sara is currently sorting out target companies with high growth potential and contacts for interviews to meet her “must have” list.  Since she is playing a “catch up” strategy, pay is important but not at the top of her list.  Sara’s number one priority is the opportunity to move up the organizational ladder rapidly.  Her number two priority is benefits, especially a health and retirement plans.

Sara is a success story about to happen.  Her strategy is solid.  She is confident in her abilities and competent in the skills necessary for the job search strategies to unfold.  Sara is ready for the marketplace to embrace her.  Sara’s Quote:  “My Greener Future gave me a direction that changed my life”  

Lessons Learned?  In Sara’s case:

  1. The integration of her combined experiences rather than any one job, together with the match-up of her college degree, prior experiences and market needs were critical
  2. Moving into a new community allowed her to join associations and organizations in order to meet potential bosses in her field of digital marketing and social networking.

Take action 3 ways:

  1. Prepare for the surge of jobs in the Fall season.  Contact Bill Kaufmann as a coach
  2. Send comments, questions or your resume to:  mygreenerfuture1@cox.net – Get a free review and talk about your career alternatives
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