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SITUATION:  Nick’s case is unusual, yet recurring more and more with bright, talented people in technology. Nick received a bachelor’s degree in English, but he grew up learning and using technology.  He kept up with the newest applications and transition within systems, worked as staff support for corporations, consulted for entrepreneurial and I.T. companies, became a “modeling” expert, created automated tools for network management, then became Director of Network and Systems Management for a global corporation.  He knew he reached the ceiling with his current company but had a great deal more to offer.  As a self-made technology expert, corporations were both very interested in his creative applications and strong professional references, yet wary of no formal engineering or technology education.

STRATEGY:  It became apparent to Nick’s coach that Nick’s future career direction was going to focus on two very different strategies:  Either a young high growth company, continually making major advancements in technology as a leader in a competitive industry; or a large global old-line corporation that had been a technological leader for major industries, but needed new advancements in their proprietary applications to maintain and add to their current business model.  This dual strategy paid dividends as both types of organizations saw in Nick a very creative talent who could help move their technology to a new, higher level.

RESULTS:  Nick and his coach Bill Kaufmann, developed a dual strategy:  One high growth and entrepreneurial and the other old-line and change oriented.  Interestingly, both were successful as Nick’s reputation in technology leveraged him with highly placed decision-makers who wanted the kind of creative talent and diverse experiences that Nick had developed.  Nick interviewed with both kinds of companies and received offers from three, almost at the same time.  Using a template of criteria to assess each opportunity, Nick was able to evaluate the pluses, minuses and longer-term implications for each job.

Nick is currently designing new applications and travelling around the world implementing approved changes with country managers.  He chose this position for three reasons:  Competitors were not going to build a better mouse trap and steal away customers; the pay was hard to turn down and he didn’t have to move his family out of Washington, D.C.

NICK’S QUOTE:  “I found your advice (from coach Bill Kaufmann) to be very solid“

Lessons Learned?  For Nick, the keys were:

  1. To design tailored strategies that fit the needs of two industries in very different business cycles, that match Nick’s expertise in developing changing technology
  2. Overwhelm the hiring organization with achievements, applications and results from Nick’s past experiences to compensates for his lack of educational credentials

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