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SITUATION:  Paul represents a great American story:  From high school to 6 years in the Navy learning the trade of Machinist Mate, to the private sector for 3 years as a Boiler Technician.  Then as an entry-level hospital employee in the operating plant working his way up to Manager, Plant Operations.  During this time Paul also pursued a business degree during the day while working full-time.  Paul would make up time missed at work after returning from school and on the weekends.  Then he pursued an MBA during the evenings from a top ranked university.  Paul has been in his position for about 10 years while earning his degrees.  He has expanded his responsibilities in facilities functions resulting in the supervision of 31 employees in various different roles.  All the while, Paul’s long-term goal is to obtain an executive position.

STRATEGY:  Paul’s background differentiates him from most others:  A self-made “hands on” worker moving up the career ladder from laborer to craftsman to supervisor, with a fluency in Spanish and a dogged determination to get an undergraduate and MBA degree while working full-time.  Paul’s experiences throughout his career centered on the skilled trades, operations, facilities, mechanical and maintenance functions.  This combination of work, along with his education, makes for a dual track career opportunity:  Operations within a large institution or major construction/project management.

RESULTS:  Paul targeted the two industries of Facility/Operations Management and Construction Management.  He received a number of promotional offers:  Director of Hospital Operations, financial management (based on his two degrees in business), and construction management.  He chose a management position with a major construction project for an expanding healthcare organization because of his broad and deep knowledge of hospital operations; past construction projects; experiences with safety, security, supervision, environmental issues and inspection/certification agencies.  His decision was also based on the difference between a career focused on correcting everyday problems in keeping a facility in top working order, versus building a new facility and turning it over to someone else.  One career was based on problems and frustration and the other based on creating something new.  Paul is a very happy camper in his new job as Construction Project Manager.

Paul’s quote:  “My Greener Future gave me the practical steps of creating a successful new career.  It was a HUGE return on investment”

Lessons Learned?  The pathway for Paul was to:

  1. Take stock of where you are, reflect, and map your career path that will provide you with a template for how you are going to get there
  2. Take the key skills and experiences of past successes to leverage them for the future
  3. Set your long term goals and make it happen, even if it takes 10 to 15 years
  4. Figure out where you’re the happiest:  As a “maintainer” or as a “builder”

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