Stay or Go?

Time to move on to another job or stick around a while longer?  It’s always a tricky question.  Let’s have some facts first, and then look at the implications, with questions last.

Facts first:

  • Unemployed people per job opening has fallen from a 6.2 high to 3.1 this year
  • Two-thirds of workers have “tested” the market or have had offers in the past 12 months
  • People have quit their jobs at a 39% higher rate than over the worst of the slump
  • Salaries are down from when the economy was last accelerating
  • Over 40% of full-time workers think they could find a great new job in the next six months
  •  1 in 5 are concerned about being laid off in the next six months
  • Job cuts were 8.2% higher in mid-year than the start of the year
  • The government stalemate has not helped the economy nor the job creation

What does all of this say to you?

  • It’s all still very confusing, without a dramatic trend either way
  • Hiring companies are very picky, making sure new employees are completely qualified
  • Hiring companies are delaying making a hiring decision until they must do so
  • Hiring companies are expecting results in performance within a very short period of time
  • With a large supply of candidates, a short time for you to perform, and a volatile market, hiring organizations can terminate new employees quickly with little severance

Questions to ask:

  • Is there another job in your company to give you new skills or a leg up the career ladder?
  • Opportunities usually surface in 2-year cycles within a company.  Worth the wait?
  • Have you researched the marketplace for open positions, pay, level and function?
  • How good are your past performance reviews? What kind of merit or incentive increases?
  • Do you want to change industries, sectors or functions?  What’s the future in each?
  • What’s the history of the industry leaders?  What’s the risk / reward ratio if you move?
  • Do you currently have a mentor?  Are you being developed or groomed?
  • Given your competencies, what are the growth opportunities or downside in your field?
  • Given the issues, what are the short-term opportunities to perform at a high level?
  • Are your skill sets a commodity within the marketplace or high demand specialized skills?

Use the information and answers to these questions to compare possible alternatives for your next move.  Once you’ve made a decision, put together a solid strategy to advance.  You can always change your mind before you resign from your current organization.  But, it’s extremely difficult to un-ring a bell that’s just been rung.

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