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Are you ready to test the market? Learn the strategy and steps, contact me today!

Are you ready to test the market? Learn the strategy and steps, contact me today!

Are you planning to “test the market”?  How do you go about it?  Do you need a job coach to help you?  Consider these thoughts:

Do you know what you want?  Some people know exactly what they want to do next.  However, they may be overlooking options or fighting an overcrowded market.  Others may have a vague idea of their potential direction.  They need to understand the marketplace better and how to accelerate their career ladder.  Still others may be re-entering the job market and have no idea what’s available.  These people tend to underestimate their potential contribution and have no idea where to begin.

What do you need?  At the very least, you’ll need to sharpen your skills and learn what’s going on in the marketplace, in different geographies, in various functions and levels, at what price points.  At the most, you’ll need a complete do-over of your approach, personal brand, strategies, skills, targeted goals and opportunities.  A job coach can help.

What to expect?  There are typically three stages for an effective job search. Stage 1 revolves around assessing and collecting information:  Goals, possibilities, past experiences, resources, time-lines, differentiating yourself, organizational  “sweet spot”, targeting opportunities, and so on.  Stage 2 is focused on developing the skills that will set you apart from all other candidates:  Your resume, telephone screen and interviewing 1-on-1 skills:  Practicing these skills, developing mini-pitches, showstopper questions, learning what not to say, and role-playing should all be included.  Stage 3 involves positioning yourself strategically during each step of the process:  A communications strategy, a personal brand, references, negotiating an offer and finally designing an “entry” strategy to successfully begin the new job.

Return on investment?  The quality of a coach and level of experience can play a part in your return-on-investmen.   Some coaches will charge a percent of your anticipated income.

I believe that’s outrageous.  My goal is to help talented professionals move their careers and income to a higher level at a very modest fee.

How long does it take?  Usually job search strategies take 3 to 6 months or longer depending upon your area of specialty, the business cycle, the level you’re pursuing and your experiences.  I had a client find a terrific job in 6 weeks and another took 15 months, because it was a very quiet search in a local niche market.  Out-of-work searches can be accelerated.

A job coach should be a partner with you, but can’t do the work for you.  You and your coach need to have a good chemistry and a positive connection.  It’s hard work.  Once you have found a high quality job coach and the job of your dreams, you’ll have a friend for a long time thereafter.  It’s a relationship that lasts.

Contact Bill Kaufmann as a coach.  Send comments, questions or your resume for a free evaluation to:  mygreenerfuture1@cox.net

Take a look at Bill’s e-book:  http://www.createspace.com/3884487

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