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CNN (Cable News Network) had an interesting poll on its Internet website on December 28, 2013.  The question was:  What do you want for your career in 2014?

The results were interesting when taken separately or in combination.  The results were:

  • Find a new job – 32%
  • Get a raise – 30%
  • Get a promotion – 25%
  • Switch fields – 13%

When looked at in combination with two or more, the results were:

  • 55% of those surveyed want to stay with their current company with a raise or promotion
  • 45% want to seek another employer in a new job or switch fields

Another way to look at the data is:

  • 87% are OK with their current field, but want greater satisfaction with more money or a higher level of responsibility, hopefully in a new job
  • 13% are tired of their current field and want to change to another field of work

A third way to look at the survey is:

  • 100% of those surveyed are unhappy or dissatisfied in their career and want more
  • 0% are happy and satisfied in their career and don’t need anything else

When I think about it, who is going to say, “I don’t want anything else.  I’m perfectly satisfied in my current job, without a raise or promotion and I don’t want to change fields to advance my career”.

Such it is with surveys.  When asked questions on a survey, it’s easy to spout off answers that positions the responder in a positive way that says, “I’m a high performer who should get more money or promotion in my current or new job”.  In reality I wonder how many are really prepared to make the move or take the action necessary to get the rewards.

The follow-up question should be:  “What have you done to prepare yourself for an accelerated career in 2014?”  Most people will pause for a minute or two without coming up with an answer, or they’ll babble on about why they don’t have a plan.  Very few will list the positive actions they are taking to guarantee a bright career move in 2014.

Wishing for an event to happen versus taking action is like wanting to win the lottery without buying a ticket.  You can’t be a winner by only dreaming.

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