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While a consultant for a merger, one of the tasks was to help senior management design the organizational culture they wanted to implement (Company A + Company B = Company C).  This is after we spent time to define the mission, goals, strategies, objectives and functional responsibilities of this high growth business.

Organizational culture is the “glue” that holds the business together through a consistent operating style that everyone understands and commits.  If you were applying for a job in this organization, you would need to understand these cultural ground rules, have the skills required to fit he culture and apply them within your department.

Here are some of their goals for an organizational culture:

  • “We will have a company whereby anyone can influence decisions to be made regardless of position, level or length of service:  Contribute by competence not by title.
  • We will become the employer of choice, in that when talented people in our industry search for employment, they come to us first
  • Management will share in the responsibility of an individual’s performance shortfall, in that:
    • we didn’t hire correctly
    • we didn’t train properly
    • we didn’t supervise effectively
    • we didn’t support appropriately
  • We believe in the value of our people and will provide an environment that:
    • Rewards and recognizes performance
    • Limits opportunity only by the availability of positions and the ability / talent of the individual
    • Develops the talent of our people so they can perform at their highest level
    • Is free of harassment, intimidation or any action that hinders or impairs an individual’s ability to perform or opportunity to advance
    • Fosters a “team” approach while optimizing the individual contribution within the team
    • Recognizes unique contributions, innovations, cost reductions, outstanding performance, and increased quality or service levels”

Once the overarching philosophy was defined, the senior team defined the policies, practices and expected objectives to manage this environment.

The reason I’m sharing this experience with you is to understand why you need to do the research into companies you are applying for, the different skill sets required for each one, and the assessment of your comfort zone for success if you are chosen.

Compatibility is a mutually negotiated process.

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