Successful Skype Interviews

There are big differences between telephone interviews, Skype interviews and face-to-face interviews.  If you don’t’ understand how to succeed in each one, you’ll fall short with all of them.  The success factors for a Skype interview are summed up below:


  1. Play the role and look the part. Your resume got their attention, now it’s time to impress them with your confidence, get it done attitude and demeanor
  2. Find a good location to Skype:  Quiet, no distractions, neutral surroundings and no pets
  3. Practice interview questions and answers with someone who have interviewed candidates on Skype before.  Find a mentor to help you frame positive responses
  4. Keep your resume handy. Post key messages on the computer screen prior to your interview on items to make sure you cover. The interviewer can see you, not your screen.


  1. Make sure the connection is working.  If you can’t hear or see, make it known so the problem can be corrected and not negatively affect your interview
  2. Dress professionally.  Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.  Look at the camera (red light) and not the screen.  You lose the personal connection by watching the screen
  3. Relax as best you can.  Put your hands in your lap and relax your shoulders
  4. Make sure your LinkedIn and Facebook information is positive and supportive.  The interviewer will probably have the information in front of them.
  5. Non-verbal communications is important.  A smile is a positive sign and a head nod once in a while indicates either you agree with what is being said or you understand
  6. Watch the interviewer’s eyes.  If they drift or close slightly, shift subjects or modulate your tone of voice.  If you’re boring it will show on the interviewer’s face


Usually the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them.  This is a great opportunity to make a very positive impression with the quality of your questions:

ASK:  “What are the results expected for this position in the first year?”

“What are the short and long term issues this position is expected to problem-solve?”

“When will a decision be made for 1-on-1 interviews?”

DON’T ASK:  “What’s the salary for this position…  vacations… benefits… Do I have to move to Detroit?  Work on weekends?  Travel a lot? (You’ll get answers later as a finalist)

Your objective is to get invited to interview in person.  Position yourself through Skype.

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