Invisible Jobs

Most people looking to advance their careers look in the usual places: Newspapers, friends, LinkedIn, trade and professional magazines, internal company postings, and other media locations. Some use the Internet exclusively. Bad mistake. There are many other invisible locations where career-enhancing jobs exist. Here are a few of those.

Executive Recruiters – Usually at the higher levels, but sometimes much lower. They are paid by the company to seek out high quality candidates on an exclusive basis. They tend to be specialists, so find them on the Internet and make yourself known.

Contingency Recruiters – Are paid by the company if their candidate is hired, but do not have an exclusive contract with the company. You are one of many who are presented.

Staffing AgenciesUsually you pay these agencies to find you a job. Sometimes the company pays, but these agencies seldom work at the middle or senior levels.

State AgenciesThese organizations support local business wanting to fill positions that are usually at the lower to middle levels, supervisors, but sometimes at the executive level.

In addition there are:

Consultants – Usually consultants focus in a specific field of expertise. Align your expertise with theirs and contact them. Sometimes they are looking to add a staff person, know of a client who is looking or knows where the hiring is being done in different industries.

Industry Events – Events could be meetings, seminars, conferences, fund raising, or social get-togethers. The meetings usually have a job posting location. The social events are opportunities to meet higher ups in your field and learn what’s going on through networking.

Professional Associations – Major associations have national, regional and local groups. They usually have a connection to open positions from member companies.

Alumni Associations – Find an Alumni Directory from your school. Sort through by your major or field of expertise, geography, company or persons you know. Alumni know the quality of graduates and who may be looking in your function. The decision makers are usually 5 to 15 years your senior. These are the people who will be in the hiring roles. 

Current or past vendors, suppliers and customers – You have worked with these people, they know who you are and what you can do. They may be able to introduce you to others who are expanding, relocating, need someone in your field or may bring you in themselves.

Most people think of networking to mean connecting with those you know. Anytime you can open up a new networking channel, you expand dramatically the potential to find the right job for you. Think creatively about the invisible jobs waiting to be discovered. They are only invisible because it takes some digging to find them.

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