A Supervisor’s Checklist

How good a supervisor do you have? How good a supervisor are you? Here’s a checklist of questions and traits to think about when supervizing others:

Do you have an organization where employees:
• Feel comfortable coming to you with their problems?
• Feel free to comment on how to improve the unit’s performance?
• Feel free to identify impediments or blocks to unit performance?
• Can provide input to influence decisions as they’re closer to the issues to be resolved?

Is your compnay an “employer of choice” so when people in your industry search for employment, they come to your company first?

Are you a manager that high performance employees gravitate to, because you:
• Give them the freedom to grow?
• Provide developmental training?
• Give them responsibilities for which they are prepared?
• Encourage and support them?

Are you willing to share in the responsibility for a shortfall of an individual’s performance as:
• You may not have hired correctly?
• You may not have trained them properly?
• You may not have supervised them effectively?
• You may not have supported them appropriately?

Assuming there is a performance shortfall, have you:
• Provided each individual with a prograssive work plan to shore up the shortfall?
• Provided support to increase their performance level so they are not in jeopardy?

In general, have you:
• Given each of your people targeted results with a reasonable time frame?
• Rewarded performance with acknowledgements that are visible to others?
• Pay for the performance in a way that is meaningful and encourage future efforts?

One of the best ways to assess your contributions as a supervisor is when your people are promoted out of your unit to lead others. Bad supervisors lose people because they want out of a non-supportive environment, where they can’t learn, grow or feel they are a part of an effective team.

Effective supervision is an art and a skill set. Only others can assess your value as a supervisor by the way they interact with you.

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