Your Bragging Rights!

Let’s agree… you’re unique. But so what if no one knows about it? How will others know about your uniqueness if you don’t or can’t define how you’re a more compelling candidate on your resume?

You have bragging rights, but you’ll need to identify results that give you the edge in the marketplace. The key is to match your special skills and experience with those that are desired by hiring organizations. Here are specific examples from clients who have learned the lessons, applied them, and have achieved the jobs they desired but were initially unable to find.

These are actual examples of a before and after use of bragging rights on their resume:

Pat M: Before – “Improved revenue within the major customer base”
After – “Increased top 20 customers’ orders by 18% in the first year by….. “

Raul C: Before – “Improved departmental operations over a 2-year period
​ After – “Reversed a $500K over-budget to $600K under-budget within 2 years”

Chris O: Before – “Collected available data pertaining to steps in high-speed manufacturing”
After – “50% goal to reduce waste throughout this high-speed manufacturing process”

Ken A: Before – “Established all new service localities and negotiated long term contracts
After – “95% Increased revenue through acquisition of new and expanded services

Bill F: Before – “Conducted strategic assessments to ensure goal achievement”
​After – “$1 billion cost reduction by directing efficiency analysis teams”

Travis W: Before – “Used strong leadership skills and multi-tasking skills”
​ After – “15% increase of services for higher growth in 3 years”

Tara H: Before – “Responsible to lead the team who improved ranking in enrollment growth”
After – “17th to 8th in state ranking by establishing focused objectives”

Pam R: Before – “Fundraising efforts for new tower and medical services”
After – “Raised $5.8+ million in two years for Medical Center capital campaign”

Positioning your achievements in a more compelling way increases your visibility to do the job, and validates your ‘bragging rights”. All this assumes you have something to brag about.

Expectations from hiring organizations will not diminish over time. If you can’t show what you can do for them, they’ll never know your potential.

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