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Do you know why you always seem to come in second best? Here are some reasons why you may not be getting the nod for the job. Ask yourself some penetrating questions, and then maybe this article can be helpful. Here’s what to look for:

1. YOU’RE A PEST – Excessive calling and emailing is a major turnoff. If the company has contacted you in a positive way, you have reason to check for a status report, If you’re not contacted, forget it and move on.
2. INAPPROPRIATE – This category can be filled by improper dress, language, questions, answers, or a number of other job killing behaviors. Research the company and past employees to find out what are the no-no’s.
3. SUPER OVER-ACHIEVER – A pet peeve is an applicant who is way over their head. Don’t become delusional for a job that requires a great deal more experience than you have. A driving ambition without substance can be dangerous to your career.
4. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME – Very few if any job can be done without support or other contributions from others. Consider using the word “we” every so often. Also, when money is your primary focus, a red flag goes up to the hiring manager.
5. RESULTS ON STEROIDS – Making claims about your results is easy. Documenting your results and validated by references is harder. Find a way to prove your achievements.
6. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING – This is the candidate who is all things to all people in all jobs. The credibility of the candidate is brought into question. Focus on the elements of the job that are critical, then show where you excel.
7. YOU REHEARSED TOO MUCH – A mechanical, stilting response to questions indicate that you are playacting your answers rather than understanding the issues. Provide potential solutions to the hiring manager. Practice being relaxed to become a better candidate.
8. YOU HAVEN’T STAYED RELEVANT – If you haven’t kept up with the industry or technology, it will show up in unexpected and embarrassing ways. Talking about an application, skill or approach that are out of date is a dead giveaway.
9. YOU TALK TOO MUCH – Over-talking or cutting off the interviewer is a good way not to make the top tier. When answering questions, don’t ramble about things that aren’t relevant. It shows your searching for an answer that doesn’t convince.
10. YOU INTERVIEW BADLY – Bad grammar, inexact or vague language, improper use of words, going off the subject, or discussing unrelated information is wasting the time of an interviewer. Watch the interviewer’s eyes for signs of boredom.
11. FIBBING OR SLOPPY – The information on your resume, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and the interview results don’t match up. There are missing or conflicting dates, different job titles or changing responsibilities from place to place. It’s not worth their time to sort it out.

Getting your resume noticed is a numbers game. Once you’re interviewing it’s a matter of the relevancy of your prior results to the open position.

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