Onboarding Excellence!

Would you have guessed that:
• The first 30 to 90 days of a new hire may determine their initial success on the job?
• Up to 50% of new hires rate the onboarding process as “poor?”
What are the key elements of an excellent onboarding process? To learn and understand…
• The corporate values- how they operate and are managed; expectations and your role
• The key elements of your job- success criteria and tips to achieve high performance
• The socialization process- the people with whom you work, support and add value
• Integration into the culture of the organization- What’s important

One of the best onboarding processes I’ve experienced is designed by Pillar Technology in Columbus, Ohio ( PillarTechnology.com ). Their model is tailor-designed for each individual.
Pillar Technology approaches it’s 90-day orientation process three ways:
Assimilating (What); Demonstrating (How); and Leading (Why)

ASSIMILATING – STARTING STRONG: New employees are connected to an on-line learning system, called “Step It Up”, even before their start date. The standard formal one-day orientation class is replaced with a “just-in-time” self-driven program that can be accessed later if memory needs a boost. This process enables new employees to contribute results very quickly.

DEMONSTRATING – 30-60-90 DAYS TO SUCCESS: After passing all assimilating steps and tests, employee’s demonstrate what they have learned.
• They record ‘one-minute’ video answers to questions on topics relevant to their new role.
• Each new employee completes 30, 60 and 90-day checklists. Each checklist demonstrates a knowledge that is necessary to understand Pillar’s infrastructure.
• Peers and direct managers observe new employees and discuss with them the “fine-tuning” of their work, team contribution, progress and any other helpful support needed.

LEADING – CREATING THE FUTURE: Employees lead others through the process.
• Mentor new employees through the knowledge and integration transformation.
• Contribute their own thoughts to the on-line learning site for their work area.

• “Notable increase in employee retention and success with zero defects in our client delivery”
• “100% assurance that our employees can successfully represent Pillar to our clients”
• “Over 38% revenue growth annually”

Orientation of new employees is critical to the success of both the organization and the individual. Follow Pillar’s lead and do the following:
• Create a learning environment on-line, even before starting the new job.
• Design a self-learning process that is employee-driven with organizational support provided.
• Relate all learning not only to the work team, but also to the customer/client relationship.

Even if your organization doesn’t have an effective onboarding process, you can develop your own entry strategy. See next week’s article about an effective Entry Strategy.

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