Are You Better Off Now Than 2 Years Ago?

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Answer these three questions:
1. Are you happy with your current job and continue to learn new skills?
2. Are you satisfied with your progress and prospects for the future?
3. Does your organization have a progressive growth plan for you?

If you answer these three questions in a positive way, you’re very lucky. Stay with it.
If you answer any of these three questions in the negative, you have three choices:
1. Keep struggling and hope for the best
2. You decide to “test the market” but don’t know how
3. Seek help and put together a compelling strategy for the next step up

If you choose #3, you’ll need a series of steps:
1. Identify your ultimate career goal. What level will you be at the end of your career?
2. Identify the steps to reach each level in order to achieve your ultimate goal
3. Define the “must have’s” for your next two positions
4. Outline your “sweet spot”. What kind of organization? Where?
5. Complete a self-analysis. What are the skills or experiences that you’re missing?
6. What are the steps or plans to fill your shortcomings?
7. Put together a compelling master resume that is results-driven
8. Identify the target markets where your success prospects are the highest
9. Develop a “sourcing” matrix to find the available open positions
10. Design a search strategy and make contact with compatible companies
11. Research the responding companies and position descriptions
12. Prepare for the five different kinds of interviews to become a top candidate
13. Compare and assess the job offers based on your criteria for success
14. Negotiate an optimal offer and prepare a letter of acceptance
15. Design an “Entry Strategy” to guarantee a successful first 6 month period

The marketplace is a far different arena than it was 2 or more years ago. You need to understand what’s different and how to best prepare yourself, realistically. Seek out those who can help you achieve your goal.

A word of advice: If your unsure about any aspect of the best job search strategy, it’s better to seek help before you get too far into it. A new compelling resume will not be favorably received after a targeted company has already rejected your first resume. You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.

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