Want to Re-Enter the Marketplace?

Many very talented people are out of the marketplace and want to get back in. They could be a spouse that took care of the kids for a few years, a caregiver, have been unemployed for a period of time, underemployed, or someone who just took some time off between jobs. Whatever the case, there are certain things you can do to reposition yourself to regain traction in the job market. There are at least four target areas for you to analyze and pursue:

#1 – Target the areas that you have the most experience, education and knowledge. Examine in great detail your resume as if you were a hiring manager. What jumps out to you? What are the threads and themes that give you an advantage? How are you unique? What about results?

#2 – Target those markets or geographies that have a favorable supply/demand equation for your particular talents and experience. Examples: Skills in various languages for translations, interpreters, document conversions, transcribers that are in demand in different markets. Or oil exploration workers in some markets. Or retail sales in high growth markets.

#3 – Target the jobs that are in higher demand and will potentially have more job opportunities:
• Healthcare: Nursing, administration, insurance, rehab, reception, fitness training
• Personal services: Individual personal care, tax preparation, accounting, day care
• Process improvement: Productivity improvement, quality, costs, cash flow
• Computer expertise: QuickBooks, SAP business applications, data input, analysis,
• Logistics, supply chain, distribution, trucking: Moving products from point to point
• Sales, merchandising: Retail positions, product/services marketing, brand marketing
• Others that may be unusual within your commutable area

#4 – Target those businesses and functions that need assistance with:
• Improved performance
• Increased revenue
• Enhancing efficiencies, effectiveness
• Reduced costs
• Team building emphasis

Why target these areas? With the economy beginning to turn upward, hiring organizations want to be in the front of the growth curve, accelerating results with jobs that add value and move their organization out ahead of the competition.

Once your in the marketplace, it’s much easier to move up, out or over to a more opportunistic position or function. Your job now is to connect your education and past jobs to open jobs and put together a search strategy to position you better. Use a pro to help you if you need help.

Another alternative is to connect with a product / company you believe in to network with people you know to market a service or product. If you’re good at networking and facilitating small work groups you can develop a small business that can grow into a full-time profession. I know and have helped people who started a home-based enterprise that has grown into a $10,000 a month business. All you need is time, the drive to succeed and networking skills.

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