Become Extinct by Being Mediocre

Let’s look on the negative side of a career blueprint. Ask yourself if one or more of the items below apply to you. If the answer is yes, then do something about it. Staying in a job may be a great strategy when there are things to learn or experiences to gain. But when you become complacent in a changing world, you’re not only vulnerable, but also expendable.

Ask yourself if the organization is describing you in the following way:

• Only do what’s expected, no more
• Don’t expand or increase your skills. Resist development
• Set your sights low to avoid disappointment

• Keep a very low profile and never volunteer
• Resist supervising others. You don’t want to be responsible for others.
• Limit your experiences to what you already know

• Don’t join professional organizations, so you won’t have to interact with your peers
• Avoid conflicts or new ideas. You may have to change
• Assume you’ll be in your current job until you retire

• Maintain a fixed comfort zone. Never try something different
• Overcommit, then underperform
• Don’t test out the marketplace. It may be scary

• Resist working in teams. You’re better off on your own
• Your last 3 performance reviews have been at the low end of “satisfactory”
• Never ask your customers or boss how to improve results. They may tell you

• Work your standard 40 hour workweek. No weekends or beyond 5 pm each day
• Try to avoid business trips to the field. You may learn something
• Don’t measure your results. If you don’t know, others may not know

Assessing your core assumptions may provide for a career breakthrough. But first, define what your real passion is, then decide on a course of action to move forward.

To accelerate your career toward your passion, list your greatest achievements over the past five or more years. Put a compelling resume together with a powerful job search strategy. Get professional help if you find it overwhelming.

Your efforts will be rewarded, but time is not your friend.

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