Are You a Master Performer?

Master Performers are a special kind of employee, no matter what the level. They usually can do more work, in less time, at a higher quality level than anyone else doing the same job. Many times they are individual contributors who are secure and well respected in their current organization. Master performers are usually better paid than others.

So what’s the problem? It’s almost a good news/bad news proposition. Here are some of the issues you’ll need to consider.

Master Performers are unique and a valued asset in most organizations, or at least they should be. If not, then you’re either not a Master Performer; the organization discounts your value; or you need to reassess your contribution
Master Performers are one-of-a-kind. One problem is you may be too valuable to move, you’ve reached the outer limits of your contribution, or the organization isn’t going to grow, which limits your opportunities to develop.
Master Performers tend to relax their efforts and coast over time. Why? Because no one can come close to paralleling your performance. But be careful, because technology and time will catch up to you if you don’t keep your skills sharp and state-of-the-art.

So what’s the best career strategy for a Master Performer?

If your company continues to grow and you can grow with it, you’re way ahead of the game. Master Performers in a growing organization tend to become managers or trainers for the next generation of performers. On the other hand, companies that remain static or are shrinking find their Master Performers very expensive and may try to save money when it’s time to cut back.
Master Performers must stay current or advanced in their field. They have leverage when or if they need to seek another career option, internal or external. Expansion into a tangential area is the best way to grow rather than try to master a totally new field
Another option is to move up to a larger organization. Internally, you might change from a smaller operation to a larger one; or be responsible for a number of divisions; or move into a corporate role. An external move could be to an organization that desperately needs your skill set. The pay increase with that kind of move is usually large one.
Master Performers usually do well as a consultant. Since you are the “go to” person as a Master Performer, you are well known either in your industry or your function. Test it out to find your marketability.

If you are a Master Performer, talk with someone who understands your unique position, marketplace opportunities and potential career directions. Let me hear from you.

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