The Worst Interview Questions

As an interviewer, you might think these are great questions to ask. As an interviewee, these are questions you love to hate! So why not prepare to answer these questions in the most effective way?

Position yourself as an articulate and focused candidate. What response would be the most impressive to the interviewer? You want to respond in a way that sets you apart from everyone else: A top candidate.

While the interviewer doesn’t expect a “No” or “Maybe” answer, you don’t want to be boastful or grandstanding either. Objectively match up your key results with the key issues of the position. By applying your past experiences to the position description, you are showing the parallels between your successes of the past with the potential success in the new position. Potential responses:
“I believe there’s a high correlation between the issues you are experiencing and the results I have achieved with my current company. There’s no reason I can’t do it again given the support from management”
“My track record speaks for itself. Applying the skills and experiences from over the past 5 years in my current position is a strong indicator of what you can expect from me here.”

Of course you can’t answer this question because you haven’t seen all the other resumes. And the interviewer knows that. But how you answer gives the interviewer some insights into how you respond to the unanswerable. Potential response:
“I can’t answer for other candidates, but I know what I’m capable of achieving for you. I have always achieved a high performance level, am a fast learner and a team player. Those are the qualities I assume you’re looking for in a candidate.”

That’s an easy one that you can hit out of the ballpark. This answer will give the hiring manager a vision of your capability.
“First is to identify the issues preventing results. This can be done through a Needs Analysis within the first month. Second, is to develop a strategy to problem solve those issues and compare them with the hiring manager’s vision. Then integrate a mutually developed time line and strategy to begin implementation, with benchmark reviews every month.”

What hiring manager wouldn’t be delighted with a new hire giving those kinds of responses? Your problem, of course, is to deliver on those promises. So make sure you can perform at a level that you promise. If you do, you’ll be a star within 6 months.

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