Best Time for a Job Search?

There are three “best times” for a job search:
1. November/December
2. August
3. February

August is the second best time for a job search. Why is that?

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER – During this period new budgets are being put together, strategic and operating plans are formed for the new fiscal year, and staffing is being considered to expand, reallocate or supplement. Since right after the first of the new year open positions will be filled, November/December are the best times to develop your action plans, design and develop your resume and fine-tune your interviewing skills. Another reason is that the new year brings new opportunities: Year-end bonuses can produce happy employees wanting to move up the food chain, and unhappy employees who thought their incentives should have been higher, seek a more lucrative employment opportunity.

AUGUST – This is the time period for a summer lull, vacations and the slowest time for business. It also means the best preparation time for those wanting to take advantage of the Fall season. August is the time to put your job search strategy together for September, October and November when organizations are making their year-end push. Companies want to “make their numbers” and managers want to fill their open positions so they don’t lose a staff slot before putting their new budgets together. Many organizations, like retail, will staff up getting ready for the big holidays coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is also the time when their plans and budgets are put together. August is also important because if the marketplace isn’t ready for you yet, you have primed the pump and gotten your resume out there for the November/December push for the New Year.

FEBRUARY – A lot of activity is going on in this time period. If business is brisk in the first two months, new positions open up. Those who may have been hired earlier move on or don’t make the cut, which provided opportunity. Organizations are preparing for the springtime season, especially retail. A number of organizations, particularly the public sector, has its fiscal year begin in July and since their job search cycle is longer than the private sector, begin their search process much earlier. This is also the time to begin your job search before the colleges and universities graduate new applicants. Of course, these students are looking for entry-level positions and not those jobs that experienced professionals are seeking.

Job searches and position openings happen 12 months out of the year, but knowing when are the best times and why, gives you an advantage.

Timing is very important in a job search along with targeting. If you can target the right industries and companies, with the right timing and of course the right skill sets, you dramatically increase your chances of becoming a finalist candidate.

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