When to Call it Quits?

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When do you KNOW it’s about time to call it quits? Some reasons: A nagging lack of spontaneity on your part; you can’t find the motivation to energize yourself; you feel like your in the wrong job, company, field, or industry; your appraisals and pay may be underwhelming; you’re subtly excluded from meetings and plans; or it’s just not fun anymore!

When I ask my clients, “What were the factors that caused you to make a change?”, their responses are grouped as follows:

Values are mismatched – The values you heard or read about during the interview process are different now that you’re inside the organization. The things my clients say:
Some decisions are made which are clearly against policy or what has been said
Management is inconsistent, more bureaucratic and less engaging than described
You can add more value, but aren’t allowed. You don’t have the information you need.

Assignments are diminished – A difference between your job as hired and what you do:
You’re given tasks that are well below your abilities or rank
You’re not invited to the strategy phase of a project, just given simple tasks to complete
You’re not chosen to lead a project even though you’re qualified and ready

A lack of engagement – A disconnect between your objectives, direction and results
Non-existing performance appraisals and no meaningful discussions with your boss
Your peers don’t see you as part of the inner circle. Politics are too important
You’re not given credit for your achievements but blamed for others’ shortcomings

So, what do you do about it? There are basically four alternatives:
Have a discussion with your boss about your concerns and desire to perform. If that’s not possible, can HR help? Are there other jobs you can apply for internally?
Stay the course and hopefully work your way through the issues over time. Can you make suggestions to the boss about ways to improve performance of the organization?
Quietly put your job search strategy together. Seek organizations that are looking for talent in your field of expertise. Talk to those who know your skills to quietly “test the market”.
Contact a respected consultant to review your resume at no cost, who can give you some insights. Ask two or more of your past bosses for a sterling recommendation and insights into the job market. They may know of some openings for you to pursue.

There comes a time in everyone’s career when it’s time to move on to a better or higher level position. Knowing when and what to do about it is the key to reaching your career goal.

I’ll provide you with a free assessment of your resume. Send it to: wkaufmann1@cox.net
Ready to test the market? Email: Mygreenerfuture1@cox.net

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